Colorado Peak Cherry

The variety of  cherry Pico Colorado is a Spanish variety of unknown origin (random pollination cherry seeds).

Curiosities: Variety of cherry traditionally grown in Extremadura. In addition, it is one of the varieties included in the PDO “Cereza del Jerte”.

Characteristics of the Pico Colorado Cherry

Flowering : Pico Colorado is a self- sterile variety with  medium flowering  (first week of April). Among other varieties, it can be pollinated with Pico Negro , Hedelfingen (Group VII) and Van (Group II).

Ripening : The Pico Colorado cherry ripens 34 days after Burlat.  It is classified as a  very late cherry variety .

Productivity : Pico Colorado is a medium productivity variety .

Vigor and bearing of the tree : The tree is very vigorous and erect.

Agronomic characterization of the Pico Colorado cherry

Size : The size of the fruit is very small , with a diameter of only 22-23 mm .

Shape : The Pico Colorado cherry is cordate in shape  .

Skin color : When it reaches maturity, the cherry is red .

Pulp color : The flesh of the cherry is  creamy yellow .

Flavor : The variety of Pico Colorado cherry has a good flavor .

Firmness : Pico Colorado is a cherry with a  firm consistency , with the characteristic crunchiness of picota cherries, which provides a pleasant  crunchy sensation  when consumed.

Resistance cracked : Cherry Pico Colorado, has good resistance to cracking or cracked, a point below the maximum resistance rating. Being a very late ripening cherry, cracking damage is usually low.

Cracked area .

Peduncle length : Pico Colorado has a very long peduncle . Favorable appearance for harvesting .

Loose the peduncle  supports the  harvest without tail . It is usually harvested without a tail, being a traditional variety of  ” picota cherry “ .

Positive aspects : It is harvested without tail , very late maturation , good resistance to cracking .

Negative aspects: Very small size, medium productivity.

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The production of a variety of cherry is affected by the conditions of the environment and the actions carried out on the crop. Some aspects of influence are the climate, quantity of fruit set, phytosanitary treatments, altitude of the area, making fertilizers, existing soil, existence of viruses, fungi, nematodes, bacteria or other pathologies, date of collection, planting frames , rootstock , pruning carried out, etc. Before making a cherry plantation, it is essential to carry out a detailed study and find good professional advice.

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