Pendolino olive tree

The Pendolino olive tree is a variety native to the town of Fiorentino . It is widely  spread  throughout Tuscany and Central Italy . It is a variety highly valued as a pollinator . It adapts well to different terrains and climates .

Other Italian olive varieties ( Frantoio , Leccino …)

Curiosities : It is appreciated and there is demand for use as an ornamental plant .

Names or synonyms : Maurino fiorentino and Piangente are the synonyms used to name the Pendolino variety .

Characteristics of the Pendolino olive tree

The Pendolino olive tree has several interesting characteristics , being a useful variety to solve pollination problems .

Productivity : the olive Pendolino , is precocious and productive .

Vecería : the Pendolino variety, obtains regular productions.

Flowering : the Pendolino olive tree is self- sterile and early- flowering , abundant and long-lasting .

Vigor and bearing of the tree : the olive tree is of medium vigor and has an open -weeping bearing . It has a high crown density.

Sheet : Pendolino has the sheet shape lanceolate , of average length and width .

Diseases : The Pendolino olive variety has good resistance to cold and the olives are not very sensitive to the attack of the olive fly (it prefers other varieties). It is sensitive to repilo , tuberculosis and bold .

Multiplication : The Pendolino olive plant has a high rooting capacity .

Pendolino olive, morphological characteristics

The Pendolino olive is used exclusively for the production of oil.

Maturation : The olives of the Pendolino variety are of medium maturity .

Size : Pendolino, the olive has a small size (less than 2 grams) .

Shape : Pendolino olives are elliptical and asymmetrical .

Skin color : the Pendolino olive variety, ripens to black .

Pulp : has a low pulp / bone ratio .

Yield : the olives from the Pendolino olive tree have a medium yield (20%). Other sources indicate poor performance.

Collection : the Pendolino olive tree has a low resistance to detachment . Thanks to this aspect, mechanized harvesting with olive harvesters or trunk vibrators is easier.

Uses : Pendolino olive is used only for olive oil production .

Advantages: the Pendolino olive tree is early, productive and regular. Good pollinator. Olive not very susceptible to flies. It adapts well to different terrain and climates.

Disadvantages : On the contrary, it is sensitive to diseases.

Pendolino Extra Virgin olive oil

The characteristics of Pendolino Extra Virgin olive oil are appreciated in Italy, where it can be found within the existing offer of monovarietal oils.

Flavor : Pendolino Extra Virgin olive oil is fruity and fluid in consistency. In the mouth it has a sweet entry , turning bitter and ending with a characteristic spicy flavor with a good persistence in the throat . Among the aromas, we can distinguish, important notes of bitter almond and more lightly fresh grass and artichoke.

Properties: It has a medium content of polyphenols and has a high level of oleic acid (76%).

Price : Pendolino monovarietal Extra Virgin olive oil can be found in Italy with prices above € 30 / liter .

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