Pariri: what the plant is for and how to use it

Pariri what the plant is for and how to use it
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Pariri ( Arrabidaea chica ) is a plant that grows from north to south of Brazil and is well known for its applications in the treatment of anemia , liver problems and hypertension .

This herb, also known the names of crajiru, carajuru, vine-cross, vine-pau and coá-piranga, can be used in ointment or infusion versions . Pariri tea is a reddish-colored drink with an astringent taste and, in most cases, there is no contraindication.

Feel like trying it? Read on below and see the benefits of this plant, how to prepare tea and ointment at home and how to use them. Check it out!

After all, what is pariri for?

against anemia

Tea made with pariri leaves is often used in folk medicine to treat anemia and this is justified the amount of assimilable iron found in it.

The consumption of the herb daily can increase the amount of hemoglobin, hematimetry, leukometry and micro-hematocrit in the blood. ( 1 )

Therefore, pariri exerts a positive influence but needs to be complemented with nutritional replacement and dietary re-education to normalize daily iron intake rates .

heal skin wounds

The herb is rich in the antioxidant compounds: anthocyanins and aglycone carajurin, which have shown the potential to accelerate healing .

The improvement in the appearance of the lesions, which reaches the mark of 96% cure in just 10 days of treatment, occurs because the plant acts in a very similar way to vitamin C , stimulating the synthesis of collagen , a type of protein that gives elasticity and firmness for the skin.

The leaves of this vine increase the multiplication of fibroblasts, which are the cells that join together to form connective tissues such as skin and tendons. ( 1 )

Ending fluid retention

Do you know those days when you feel bloated (a)? Know that this can be caused fluid retention and pariri tea can help you solve the problem in a completely natural and safe way, since it is a potent diuretic .

The extracts of this plant can almost double the volume of urine in just six hours after administration.

This action is associated, especially, with the presence of a flavonoid compound called luteolin, which increases the filtration rate of the kidneys, increasing the disposal of toxins that contribute to the swelling problem. ( 1 )

control blood pressure

Consuming pariri leaf tea can help control blood pressure, thanks to the herb’s ability to block calcium channels and inhibit the availability of this mineral, which causes contractions in vessels and increases pressure within cells. ( 2 )

The diuretic properties, which were mentioned above, also contribute to this, as they help in the elimination of mineral salts that cause an increase in blood pressure, such as sodium , through the urine. ( 1 )

treat candidiasis

Drinking the infusion or applying the ointment made with pariri leaves is an effective treatment for fungal infections , such as candidiasis, a disease that can affect the mouth or the intimate region and is caused the excess of the fungus Candida albicans in the body.

Due to its rich composition in substances such as quinones, catechins, anthocyanins, flavonoids, organic acids and sterols, the herb is able to prevent the proliferation and eliminate several species of pathogenic fungi . ( 3 )

Detoxify the liver

Pariri is perfect for giving that little help to make the liver work better, so necessary after the abuse of fatty foods, medications or toxic substances such as alcohol.

The herb’s phytochemicals protect liver cells from being damaged the above-mentioned situations. With this, the organ is able to function at full speed and does its own detoxification work .

Pariri also reduces the levels of two enzymes that are released the body as a way of signaling that the liver is damaged, with a protective effect. ( 1 )

Ways to use pariri

Pariri can be used as an infusion, tincture, capsules or even as an ointment for topical use. Check out how to make and use each of them below!


To make the tea you only need 1 teaspoon of dried herb leaves and 1 cup of hot water.

Leave it to rest in a muted state for 5 minutes, then strain and drink the tea without sugar, for a maximum of three times a day.

Tip ! Do not drink infusions that have been ready for more than 24 hours as they lose their medicinal properties.

Capsule and extract

Capsules and extract should be consumed in the same way as tea.


The ointment is indicated for the treatment of wounds and thrush and can also be prepared at home.

For this you must macerate four fresh leaves of the plant in half a glass of filtered water. Apply in the desired area and redo the recipe daily. ( 4 )

Care and contraindications

Pariri has not shown toxic effects in the laboratory and there are no reports of severe reactions after using it. More sensitive people, however, can experience diarrhea with use, which can also happen when it is consumed in excess. 1 )

Attention: Even if there is no express contraindication, pregnant women, lactating women and people who use medication for continuous use should always seek medical advice before starting any treatment with herbal medicines.

where to find the pariri

Feel like testing the therapeutic effects of pariri? The herb is very easy to be found for sale in open markets and natural and herbal products stores across the country.

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