Orange blossom: water, tea and other uses of the plant

Orange blossom water, tea and other uses of the plant
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The orange blossom is known for the beauty and perfume, but also has many medicinal properties. Over the past few years, scientific research has shown healthy benefits of this plant, such as disease prevention and calming effect . Check out these and other healthy advantages of consumption here.

Let’s talk about the composition of flowers and leaves of Citrus sinensis and Citrus aurantium (scientific name of the sister species of orange trees). With them it is possible to produce tea and medicinal water that are real home remedies. Look:

Benefits of orange blossom

Studies on the benefits of orange blossom are still few and recent, but it is already possible to define some proven curative potentials. Below you will find the list:

It’s antioxidant

A Brazilian study reveals that the extract and water made from orange leaves and flowers have a high antioxidant effect . That is, the ability to fight free radicals present in the body and help prevent various diseases, including serious health problems such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. ( 1 , 2 )

These free radicals are unstable molecules that hinder the healthy life of the body’s cells. They can arise from poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and exposure to products with degrees of toxicity, such as alcohol, smoke and chemicals, for example. Antioxidant foods are very important because they scavenge free radicals from our bodies. ( 3 )

In addition to cancer and Alzheimer’s, antioxidant action can prevent premature aging, obesity, diabetes, hypertension , cardiovascular disease, Parkinsonism and other various degenerative, autoimmune or chronic diseases.

Prevents and fights leishmaniasis

A peculiar benefit of orange blossom is that it is able to prevent and help treat leishmaniasis , a common disease in children that affects the liver, spleen and bone marrow. This disease is caused parasites of the Leishmania type and is divided into 3 types: Calazar , cutaneous leishmaniasis and monocutaneous leishmaniasis. ( 4 )

The most common symptoms of the disease in humans are long-lasting fever, weakness, loss of appetite, anemia, pallor, swelling of the spleen and liver , bone marrow problems, respiratory problems, diarrhea, bleeding in the mouth and intestines.

Despite the dangerous symptoms, leishmaniasis is a treatable disease. You must search for a health unit as soon as possible. Orange blossom tea and water can help treat illnesses faster.

It is calming and anxiolytic

The medicinal recipes made with this plant can still be used to calm and fight the anxiety of those who consume them. This benefit is proven through a research that analyzed the oil obtained through extracts from the leaves and flowers of the orange tree. ( 5 )

In addition, the sedative effect is also proven, able to help in inducing sleep and, consequently, in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. ( 6 )

Modes of use

There are some common ways to use orange blossom for health benefits. With that in mind, we list the main ones. Check out:

  • Consume the tea : the infusion is the best known way to obtain the herbal benefits of this plant. See the tea recipe in the next topic.
  • Consume the water made with the plant : this recipe can be ingested or applied to the skin. Some people also like to shower with this recipe. Learn how to prepare it below.
  • Orange Oil : This is a natural product that can be found in health food stores. Its use is topical, that is, applied to the skin.
  • Using the aroma : Aromatherapy claims that some benefits can be obtained through the smell of plants. In this case, inhaling tea, water or orange blossom oil can bring some of the benefits, such as a calming and sedative effect, for example. Some people tend to drip a little on their pillow to get a better night’s sleep.

Orange Tea: Learn the Recipe

Tea made with the plant is one of the most common ways to obtain the benefits listed above. The recipe, the way, is very simple and only needs the flowers/plant leaves and filtered water. Check out:

  1. In a saucepan, heat 1 cup of filtered water. Once it boils, turn off the heat.
  2. Then add 1 tablespoon of orange blossoms/leaves.
  3. Cover for approximately 10 minutes.
  4. Finally, strain and drink without sweetening.

Orange Water Recipe

Now, let’s talk about another way to consume the healthy benefits of this plant: through the well-known orange blossom water. Its preparation is also quite simple.

  1. In a jar or punch bowl, add approximately 50g of dried orange blossoms.
  2. Then add ½ liter of filtered water.
  3. Mix using a spoon and cover with wrapping paper.
  4. Let it sit in a cool, dark place for the next 24 hours.
  5. After this period, strain using a fine strainer or a clean cloth.
  6. Store in a sterilized glass container with a lid.


During the research for the production of this article, no contraindications were found for the use of tea or water made from orange leaves or flowers. However, we advise you not to use it in excess, as any substance in excess is harmful to the body. Mainly properties that we are not used to consuming.

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