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The Ogliarola Barese olive tree is a variety of Italian origin . The olive grove of Ogliarola Barese is located in the Apulia region . It has about 35,000 hectares of crops, mainly located northwest of Bari. Currently its cultivation area is being reduced in favor of more productive varieties such as Cellina di Nardò .

Names or synonyms : Ogliarola Barese olive tree, also known as: Ogliarola di Molfetta , Nostrale Bitontina , Oliva Acolana , Marinese di Lavello , Ogliarola di Bitonto , Paesana di Bitonto , Olivo Baresano , Olivo Paesano , Bitontina , Baresana , Marinese della Capitanata , Olivo d’Ascoli , Castellaneta , Aliva baresana , Ascolana , Cima di Bitonto , Nostrale di Venosa ,Ogliarola di Venosa and Olivo Nostrale .

Characteristics of the Ogliarola Barese Olive Tree

The Ogliarola Barese olive tree produces an oil with good organoleptic characteristics, a few years ago it was highly appreciated. However, nowadays more intense bitter and spicy flavors are being sought, where the Coratina olive tree does not find competition.

Productivity : the Ogliarola Barese variety is of medium-high earliness and of medium production .

Vecería : the Ogliarola Barese olive has a tendency to be true .

Flowering : it blooms in the early-middle season and is self-incompatible or partially self- sterile depending on the source. The variety is good to pollinate and has a low percentage of ovarian abortion . Its flowering coincides with varieties such as Coratina, Cellina barese, Termite di Bitetto and Mele.

Vigor and bearing of the tree : Ogliarola is of medium vigor , open bearing and a crown of medium density.

Sheet : the olive variety Ogliarola Barese sheet has elliptic-lanceolate and medium size .

Diseases : the olive tree Ogliarola Barese is resistant to the repilo , but nevertheless it is susceptible to the cold, the fly and the tuberculosis .

Ogliarola Barese olive, morphological characteristics

The Ogliarola Barese olive has as its sole destination the production of oil in the mill.

Maturation : the Ogliarola Barese olive tree has late maturity .

Size : olives producing olive Ogliarola, are size reduced (less than 1 gram).

Shape : the Ogliarola Barese olive has an elliptical and slightly asymmetric shape , with absent.

Skin color : when ripe, the Ogliarola olive is black . With numerous and small lenticels .

Pulp : insufficient size for dressing.

Yield : the Ogliarola Barese olive contains a high fat yield .

Collection : resistance to peeling is high. Ogliarola Barese olives are difficult to detach from the tree , making it more difficult to harvest compared to other varieties.

Uses : the variety is used exclusively to obtain olive oil.

Advantages : Resistance to repilo. High fat yield.

Disadvantages : lower productivity than other varieties from Apulia.

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ogliarola Barese

The Extra Virgin olive oil Ogliarola Barese, is an oil of good quality, but of secondary role if we compare it with Coratina.

Flavor : fruity of medium-high intensity, bitter and spicy. With aromas of fresh grass, green almond and artichoke.

Properties: the olive oil Ogliarola Barese has a high composition in oleic acid (74%) and has a high-very high concentration of polyphenols (480).

Price : Ogliarola Barese Extra Virgin olive oil is usually found mixed (coupages), with other varieties grown in Aplugia ( Frantoio , Leccino , Fazio and mainly Coratina).

The coupages can be found at retail prices of € 5-15 / liter and some select monovarietals at € 45 / liter. Ogliarola Salentina oil at € 15 / liter.

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