Leccio Del Corno Olive Tree

The olive variety Leccio Del Corno is common in Tuscany ( Florence , Italy ). Its olive oil has good chemical and organoleptic characteristics .

Curiosities: the variety has a “recent” origin, it was obtained in 1929 in a farm called Corno ( the variety’s surname ), after a frost that devastated the rest of the olive trees. on the other hand, the name Leccio comes from this Italian municipality .

Characteristics of the Leccio Del Corno olive tree

The Leccio Del Corno olive tree adapts well to different environments and is used for the production of olive oil.

Productivity : the Leccio olive variety is of medium productivity .

Vecería : Leccio Del Corno has average regularity (a little vecera).

Flowering : Leccio Del Corno pollen is self-incompatible and has a medium flowering time . The usual varieties as pollinators are Frantoio , Leccino , Moraiolo , Maurino , Piangente and Pendolino . On the other hand, it is estimated that ovarian abortion is 20%.

Vigor and bearing of the tree : the Leccio olive tree is of medium vigor and open bearing.

Leaf : the Leccio Del Corno olive variety has elliptical leaves and long length .

Diseases : Leccio is resistant to cold and repilo . In addition, it has good tolerance to flies and drought.

 Leccio olive, morphological characteristics

The Leccio olive is used for oil production.

Maturation : the maturation of Leccio Del Corno is late and staggered .

Size : Leccio Del Corno has a medium olive size (2 grams).

Shape : the Leccio Del Corno olive variety has an ovoidal and symmetrical shape .

Skin color : ripe Leccio olive with green color and purple stripes .

Yield : the Leccio Del Corno olive variety has a medium yield (19%).

Uses : Leccio Del Corno, it is only used for the production of olive oil .

Advantages: Good resistance to diseases. In addition, it produces unique and well valued olive oil.

Disadvantages : Lower productivity than other varieties.

Extra Virgin olive oil Leccio Del Corno

The Extra Virgin olive oil Leccio Del Corno, presents excellent organoleptic characteristics and has a good conservation capacity.

Flavor : Leccio Del Corno olive oil has a fruity flavor with a spicy and bitter taste of medium-high intensity. You can distinguish aromas of fresh grass, green almond, artichoke, as well as a light touch of tomato.

Properties: the olive oil Leccio has very high amount of oleic acid (77-78%), with high-very high presence of Polyphenols (500).

Price : Leccio Del Corno Extra Virgin olive oil can currently be purchased at prices of € 20-40 / liter.

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