Olivo Lazzero

The Lazzero olive variety is native to the Cecina river valley (“Valle del fiume Cecina”), located in the province of Tuscany , between the regions of Livorno and Pisa.

The olives are mainly used in oil production , but they are also good for dressing .

Curiosities : the variety adapts well to multiple climatic environments and has high resistance to diseases .

Nombres or synonymias : también es conocida por: Lazzera, Lazzera Reale, Lazzero Grosso, Lazzero Grosso , Lazzero Tipo , Lazzera .

Characteristics of the Lazzero olive tree

The characteristics of the Lazzero olive tree make its olive suitable for the production of excellent quality olive oil and it can also be used as a table olive.

Productivity : the Lazzera olive tree has a high load capacity.

Vecería : Lazzera is a variety of average regularity . It is important to avoid years of overload to maintain more or less regular productions.

Flowering : the pollen of the Lazzero olive tree is self-incompatible . The Morchiaio , Lastrino and Leccino olive varieties are recommended as pollinators . As a pollinator it can be used with the Maurino and Moraiolo varieties . The ovarian abortion of Lazzera is medium low (20-25%).

Vigor and bearing of the tree : the Lazzero olive tree plant is of  medium vigor  and open or weeping bearing . The cup is thick.

Leaf : the leaves of the Lazzero tree are elliptical-lanceolate in shape and large in size .

Diseases : the Lazzero olive variety has good general resistance to diseases, supporting especially cold and Repilo .

Multiplication : Rooting capacity is low, multiplying by grafting techniques.

Lazzero olive, morphological characteristics

The following characteristics make the Lazzero olive suitable for the production of olive oil and table olives.

Maturation : the Lazzero olive variety has late maturation .

Size : Lazzero olives are medium in size .

Shape : the Lazzera olive tree produces olives with an ovoid shape , slightly asymmetrical and with a pointed apex.

Skin color : it is harvested when the Lazzero olive has a vinous red color (around mid-November in Tuscany).

Yield : the olives of the Lazzero olive tree have a high fat yield .

Uses : although the Lazzera olive can be valid to consume as a table olive, it is mainly used to produce oil .

Advantages: the Lazzero olive tree has good resistance to diseases. Production and high fat yield. Olive oil appreciated for its powerful flavor and good keeping capacity.

Disadvantages : The production can be irregular when management is not carried out aimed at reducing the olive tree .

Lazzero Extra Virgin olive oil

The olive oil Extra Virgin Lazzero is one of the olive oils with more intense flavors.

Its bitterness level is very high and the spiciness is also very powerful. In addition, it is very fruity and fluid in consistency. We can find quite intense aromas of fresh grass, tomato, fresh almond and artichoke.

Properties: Lazzero olive oil has a high percentage of oleic acid (76%) and a high composition of polyphenols.

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