Does Morosil really lose weight? How to take!

Does Morosil really lose weight

Have you ever heard about morosil and its slimming properties? It is a natural product (often manipulated), which is seen as an alternative for weight loss and weight loss.

Every day increases the number of people adept at healthy diets and lifestyle. At first, most of these people start trying to lose weight and eliminate excess fat. That’s when auxiliary methods like morosil come into play.

Morosil is sold in capsule form, as well as a medicine, however it is 100% natural. It is produced compounding pharmacies and is based on the extract of a natural orange species from the volcanic areas of Italy.

Below are several topics that explain everything about morosil. Learn how to take, what it is and how to use this product for your health. And, of course, make him a great weight loss ally.

What is morosil?

Morosil is a natural product in capsules used as a natural weight-loss method. Therefore, it is recommended for people who are in the process of losing weight and do not want to use artificial or radical methods, such as medicine or surgical procedures.

Its composition is based on the substance morosil, which ends up giving the product its name. Morosil is the dry extract obtained from the juice of moro oranges, a variety of the fruit that has a red color and is common in Italy.

Moro oranges are a species of this fruit that has an orange peel and red pulp. They are grown in the Mediterranean region, but specifically around the Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy.

What is it for?

Until then, research on morosil shows that this substance extracted from the moro orange has as its main objective weight loss. It has antioxidant action, reduces the level of fat and lipids in the body, which promotes weight loss and measures (1).

Furthermore, as it is a substance extracted from a variety of oranges , this extract contains vitamin C in its composition, improving immunity. It also has flavonoids, which act in an antibacterial and antifungal way in the body.

There are studies on the possibilities of this extract helping with insulin sensitivity and lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. However, there is no scientific proof of these benefits.

Proven studies on morosil are still few. This is mainly due to two factors: the limited production of Moro orange and few aspects of the study of morosil. This is a substance used only for weight loss, which has not shown many other benefits for the body so far.

Moro orange, on the other hand, has several nutrients, such as fiber , vitamins and minerals. However, as morosil is extracted individually, it does not carry these nutrients with it.

Does taking morosil lose weight?

Yes, but only when combined with other healthy practices such as diet and exercise. Morosil is an auxiliary product, not a miracle in a pot. It will help and speed up weight loss and measurements, but like all products and foods, it must be used correctly.

According to pharmacists, morosil is a substance that acts on adipocyte cells, also called adipocytes. These are cells that store energy in the form of fat. Morosil reduces the size of these cells, that is, it reduces the amount of fat in the body (1).

What do nutritionists say?

According to nutritionist Sidrack Lucas Vila Nova, the use of morosil to accelerate weight loss processes needs to be prescribed and monitored a specialist. “The patient needs to undergo a medical/nutritional evaluation in order to establish a dosage and define a safe and satisfactory method of morosil”, he explains.

Also according to Vila Nova, the wrong or exaggerated use of morosil can cause side effects, even if it is a natural product. That is why it is so important to consult and have a medical opinion about its use.

He further explains that many people adhere to the use of morosil unnecessarily. “A regulated diet and physical exercise make it possible to lose weight quickly. Although morosil speeds up the process, if the patient has a good metabolism, morosil does not make much difference”, he says.

‘The most important thing is the dosage’

The nutritionist explains that the dosage of morosil in the body can be a more important topic than its benefits itself. “It is necessary to understand the metabolism and functioning of the patient’s body and recommend the correct dosage, only then will there be positive effects”, he explains.

According to him, it is common for people in a hurry to lose weight to use aids such as morosil in an exaggerated way, believing that they will have more effects and results. “Every substance in the body has an absorption limit that, when exceeded, is ignored the body and is of no use.”

Therefore, if you plan to start using morosil to speed up weight loss, consult an expert.

Where to buy?

You can find morosil in many ways, however it is not very easy to find in Brazil. The fruit used in its composition are the moro oranges, a typical variety in Europe. In Brazil there is no productive cultivation of this species of orange.

You can find this product in stores specializing in natural products or even have it made in a laboratory or compounding pharmacies, with a prescription. There is a version in capsule, sachet or even powder. These last two options should be consumed with fruits or mixed with natural juices.

How to take it correctly?

The use of morosil should work just like a vitamin supplement. Once a day at the dosage recommended a specialist. Thus, make a nutritional assessment, highlight your interest in morosil and ask for a recipe from the nutritionist.

This way, you will take the morosil following the specific recommendations for your body and purpose. So you’ll get more results, lose weight faster and still be risk-free.


This substance is natural, but even so there are contraindications for its use. However, it should not be consumed young children and pregnant/breastfeeding women, as it can cause metabolic changes that, in turn, result in a problem.

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