Green juice: 10 recipes and benefits of this amazing detox

You’ve certainly come across a green juice recipe at least once in your life, haven’t you? This drink that promises to have a detox effect , performing a complete cleaning of the body, drying the belly and also helping in the process of losing weight can be really beneficial to your health.

By using fruits, vegetables and some spices in the preparation, several of these recipes have energy and anti-inflammatory potential, thus contributing to an improvement in physical conditioning and reduction of post-exercise pain.

In addition, because it is rich in fiber , the consumption of juice contributes to an improvement in bowel function and, consequently, to a reduction in abdominal swelling , a problem usually caused by constipation.

10 easy green juice recipes

Check out the green juice recipes below, its main health benefits and some tips from the nutritionist director of the Brazilian Society of Food and Nutrition (SBAN), Sueli Longo, on preparation and consumption.

1. Green juice of parsley, lemon and ginger

Who said that only fruits and vegetables can be used in green juice? This recipe combines lemon, parsley and ginger to refresh, bring energy and even help clean the body .

To make it at home you just need: 1 cup of filtered water, 1 tablespoon of grated fresh ginger , juice of 1 lemon, which can be tahiti or Sicilian (yellow) and 1 small handful of parsley .

Take everything to a blender and blend until you get a smooth mixture. Take without straining to keep all dietary fiber, and preferably without any sweetening.

You can also reduce the amount of water used and top up with ice cubes to make it even more refreshing.

2. Green cabbage, apple and lemon juice

The apple is also a great fruit to use in preparing green juice and works as a natural sweetener for the recipe.

To prepare you just need 2 ripe apples, 2 medium-sized butter cabbage leaves, juice of half a lemon and a glass of ice-cold water.

First remove the seeds from the apple and cut the fruit into small cubes. Then bring to a blender with the remaining ingredients and drink without straining. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

3. Green cabbage, ginger and carrot juice

This recipe uses kale, ginger, cucumber , carrot , ginger and turmeric , which give it a very special flavor, apple to serve as a natural sweetener and some mint leaves, which bring freshness.

This recipe does not take water. All the liquid will come from the fruits and vegetables used, so it is well concentrated and has a bright green color. To make it more refreshing you can add some ice cubes before serving.

4. Green juice with coconut water and chia

The pineapple , being a fruit rich in sugars, can also be used to bring a natural sweetness to your green juice.

In this recipe, nutritionist Simone Bach used chopped kale, pineapple with the skin, coconut water and lemon, as well as ginger, mint and chia .

The result is a drink rich in fiber and essential nutrients, in addition to being tasty and refreshing, making it ideal for drinking on the hottest days.

5. Green pineapple juice with watermelon

The watermelon is another excellent fruit to be used in green juice, since it is sweet, rich in water and full of nutrients.

In this recipe you need 2 pieces of very ripe watermelon , 1 thick pineapple slice, 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger, juice of half a lemon and 1 cabbage leaf.

Blend everything in a blender with 100 ml of coconut water until it becomes a homogeneous mixture and then drink it without straining. A tip is to add another piece of watermelon, so you don’t need to add water and it has a thicker juice.

6. Green cabbage juice, orange and parsley

Another sweet, healthy and refreshing recipe option is one that uses parsley, cabbage, orange and lemon, citrus fruits rich in vitamin C and therefore improve the absorption of nutrients from vegetables, and ginger, which gives it a special touch.

Mix everything and drink without straining to absorb dietary fiber from the ingredients used.

7. Green orange and mint juice

Place 1 cup of unsweetened orange juice, 1 cabbage leaf and 4 mint leaves in a blender. Beat well until everything is smooth and serve over ice.

8. Green juice of coconut water with pineapple

Pineapple is often used in detox juices as it is a diuretic.

For this recipe, place 2 slices of frozen pineapple, 1 peeled and seedless Bahia orange, 1 leaf of kale and half a glass of coconut water. Blend everything in a blender and serve without straining. The frozen pineapple leaves refreshing and more cremosinho juice.

Golden Tip : Carefully remove the white part of the orange as it can make the juice bitter.

9. Green cabbage and cucumber juice

Cucumber is another vegetable that goes very well in green juice, mainly because it has a neutral flavor , is rich in fiber and water, in addition to combining very well with ingredients with a more striking flavor.

In this juice, nutritionist Patricia Leite used the fruit, water, kale, apple, mint and lemon to improve the absorption of iron in the kale.

The result is a tasty, nutritious drink that helps to keep the body hydrated, as it has a good amount of water.

10. Pineapple and cucumber green juice

This juice combines pineapple with cucumber and kale and is great for keeping you hydrated on hot days .

To prepare, you just need 1 thick slice of pineapple, 1 cabbage leaf, 1 small diced cucumber, 1 teaspoon of ginger and 1 cup of coconut water.

Blend everything in a blender and serve immediately, always without straining. If desired, add some ice cubes before serving.

What are the benefits of green juice?

According to the director of the Brazilian Society of Food and Nutrition, nutritionist Sueli Longo, vegetables and fruits have nutrients in their composition that are beneficial to health.

“These nutrients, when associated with a healthy eating habit, contribute to the maintenance of adequate body weight, health and well-being”, explained the professional.

She also emphasized that the green juice has a combination very similar to that of a salad dish and it is precisely this combination of flavors, nutrients and colors that brings benefits such as: bowel improvement, swelling reduction and weight loss.

However, Sueli warns that no food is miraculous.

“If the goal is to lose weight, we have to remember that effective body weight reduction involves actions that reduce body fat and increase muscle mass. In this sense, associating physical exercise and healthy eating habits play a key role. Spending more and consuming what you need are the key to the process”, he highlighted.

How and how much green juice to take?

According to Sueli Longo, the indication is to consume 3 to 5 servings of fruit daily. In this sense, green juice can serve as a complement , but never replace the habit of eating.

“Be careful not to use all of them in the form of juice. Eating fruit is a habit to be valued, since ‘ in natura ‘ it preserves all the nutrients”, he warns.

And no more preparing the juice and leaving it in the fridge, okay? Sueli explained that there are some vitamins that are sensitive to light and temperature change and begin to degrade, causing the juice to lose its benefits.

Therefore, always make individual portions and consume right after preparation .

Nutritionist tips for preparation

For the preparation, Sueli Longo informs that “giving wings to the imagination is the secret for those who want to play with the colors and flavors of a food”.

She also explained that it is possible to use fruits, vegetables and even spices , roots and aromatic herbs such as ginger, mint, common grass and parsley in the recipes, as all these ingredients are rich in compounds that are beneficial to health.

In addition, you can make whole juice, which is thicker because you only use water that is available in fruits and vegetables, or diluted, which can be made with coconut water.

The diabetics can also take the green juice, see? The nutritionist only indicates to pay attention to the ingredients used, since it is the amount of carbohydrates and dietary fiber that will impact blood glucose.

“Just remember to check the quality of the ingredients used and sanitize them well before preparation”, concludes the professional.

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