Cucumber: benefits, how to use and recipes

Cucumber benefits, how to use and recipes

Cucumber is a natural food and rich in medicinal properties and health benefits. Among its most famous health benefits are its benefits for the skin and its various nutrients, which can even prevent cancer.

In this article, you will discover all the great potential of this vegetable and learn to have a healthier diet with the help of this food. For example, because it is rich in water and fiber , cucumber can be used in many ways in alternative medicine and healthy lifestyle.

Below, you can check the list with the main benefits of cucumber that have already been proven science. All information is taken from official scientific studies and research carried out around the world. Check out!

Cucumber’s Health Benefits

Cucumber is a vegetable that is very good for food, but it can also be used as an ingredient in natural skin care products, especially. Among its benefits are the fight against free radicals , anti-diabetic action and favoring weight-loss diets.

Thinking about all the benefits of this superfood, we made a list with all the main health benefits proven medicine. I bet you will be amazed the medicinal and aesthetic power of the cucumber composition!

good for the skin

Who has never seen in movies and soap operas people wearing cucumber slices in their eyes in some beauty process? Well, one of the most common and potent benefits of this food is its positive effect on the skin.

The relationship between cucumber and dermatological advantages goes back a long way. Research around the world proves that cucumber has substances that nourish the skin, moisturize, fight dryness, swelling and flaccidity ( 1 ). In this way, cucumber is able to maintain the quality, freshness and youth of the epidermis.

When people put cucumber in their eyes, the benefits they want is to reduce swelling, smooth the skin around the eyes and prevent the famous “ crow’s feet ”. In addition to nourishing the eye region with beneficial medicinal properties.

In addition, cucumber mascara is proven to be effective in relieving and helping to treat skin irritations. It is also very indicated for the treatment of acne, as it soothes the skin, reduces redness and reduces inflammation ( 1 ).

Fight free radicals

Another great healthy advantage of cucumber is that it is rich in antioxidants ( 1 ). Therefore, its composition helps keep the body’s cells functioning in a healthy way fighting free radicals, which open the door to various dangerous diseases.

In short, the consumption of antioxidant foods helps prevent cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, premature aging, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and other various degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

Fight diabetes

Cucumber consumption helps to prevent and fight diabetes ( 1 , 4 ). Since it is rich in fiber and water, cucumber is indicated as a healthy food in the diet of people with diabetes.

In addition, this vegetable also helps control glucose and satiety, which is essential to avoid spikes in blood glucose, something dangerous for these patients.

helps to lose weight

Cucumber is basically composed of water, fiber and nutrients. Thus, it is a food with very low calorie content ( 1 ). In 100 grams of this vegetable, there are only 15 calories ( 2 ).

In addition, cucumber is a diuretic food ( 3 ). In other words, when consuming it, the body increases the urinary flow, which helps to combat fluid retention and maintain healthy important organs such as the bladder, kidneys and urethra.

When fighting fluid retention, the body also loses measures, especially in the abdomen and flanks.

clean the organism

A peculiar benefit of cucumber is that it is able to sanitize the body during digestion ( 1 ). In fact, science attributes this effect to its simple composition, but rich in vitamins and minerals.

Thus, when digesting the cucumber, this food cleans the entire digestive tract. So this is a secret benefit of cucumber. Few people know it, but science proves it!

lowers cholesterol

Cucumber is also a natural food capable of lowering cholesterol levels ( 1 ). A study carried out in India pointed out the lipid-lowering effects of cucumber, that is, the action of reducing cholesterol levels through the ingestion of this food.

Improves muscle health

For those people who like to go to the gym, athletes and exercisers, here’s a great benefit for you: cucumber improves health and muscle development ( 3 ).

In general, this benefit is due to the vitamins found in the composition of this food: beta-carotene, folacin, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and selenium.

good for the heart

Due to its healthy composition, free from carbohydrates, fat and low calories, cucumber can be used as a beneficial food for the heart ( 1 , 3 ).

In addition to not containing any harm to this vital organ of the body, cucumber is also rich in nutrients that benefit the muscles. The heart is a muscle, so it gains the same benefits.

In addition, one of the surveys shows that cucumber consumption improves blood circulation ( 3 ), stimulating the blood with medicinal properties, minerals and vitamins.

Moisturizes the body

Cucumber is 95% water ( 3 ). So when you eat a cucumber, you’re getting plenty of fluid. Thus, you can hydrate the organism, benefit the stomach, improve digestion (through a mixture of water and fiber) and increase the urinary flow, something essential for the organism’s hygiene.

Helps the intestinal flora

Few people know, but cucumber seeds are great for regulating the intestine ( 1 ). However, its consumption in high amounts helps to loosen this organ too much, so be careful with excesses. It is a natural food indicated for people who suffer from constipation .

Improves the quality of nails and hair

It’s not just the skin that is full of benefits when we use or eat cucumbers. Studies show that the consumption and topical use of this food also benefits nails and hair ( 1 ).

First, the nails benefit from the presence of calcium and vitamins in cucumbers. Then, cucumber hydrates the body and nourishes it with essential vitamins for the maintenance of hair health.

Fights body temperature rise

Cucumber itself is not an antipyretic food, that is, it is not capable of reducing fever . However, science has proven that its consumption is capable of cooling the body ( 1 ), which can be used in case of temperature increase.

Therefore, we can conclude that cucumber is an aid in the case of fever, but it does not replace medication indicated a health professional.

How many calories are in cucumber?

Cucumber is known as one of the lowest calorie foods out there. Science indicates that in 100 grams of this food there are only 15 calories. This leads us to stipulate that an average-sized cucumber, weighing about 300 grams, has only 45 calories .

Thus, cucumber is a highly recommended food for slimming diets. Its composition basically comes down to water, fiber and healthy nutrients. It has no fats or carbohydrates.

In addition, a study showed that cucumber consumption helps with satiety ( 1 , 3 , 4 ). Therefore, it is a food with very few calories and that keeps the stomach full for longer.

How to make a cucumber face mask?

There are several types of homemade cucumber facial masks, all with different purposes and recipes. In this article, we’ve chosen the two best known and most used masks. Check out the recipes and how to use them below!

Rejuvenating cucumber mask

This mask is indicated to hydrate, shine, nourish and strengthen the skin on the face. It is widely used to prevent wrinkles and sagging. In addition, it has a bonus function to eliminate swelling. See how to prepare:

  1. In a blender, add 1/2 cucumber sliced ​​and 1 egg white
  2. Then beat everything until smooth
  3. Wash your face with warm water. Make sure there is no leftover sunscreen, makeup or any other product
  4. Apply the mask all over the face and part of the neck
  5. Keep the mask on for about 10 minutes. You can put cucumber slices in the eyes so that this region also gets benefits (important for the eyelids and to prevent wrinkles)
  6. Finally, wash your face with cold running water.

This is a mask indicated to be done once or twice a week.

Cucumber mask to treat the skin

This cucumber mask, in addition to nourishing and strengthening the skin, serves mainly to combat acne, blemishes, redness , swelling and irritation. Your homemade recipe is very simple. Check out:

  1. In a blender, add 1/2 sliced ​​cucumber and 1 tablespoon of powdered or flaked oatmeal . beat until smooth
  2. On clean face, apply the mask. You can also apply in the neck region
  3. Put two cucumber slices in the eyes so they also receive the benefits
  4. Finally, wash your face with cold, running water.

This is a mask that must be used up to 2 times a week.

Recipe: cucumber detox juice

The detox juice cucumber is widely used in healthy diets. It is also one of the most common ways to consume cucumber, especially for those people who do not usually have it in their everyday diet. Follow the instructions below to make the best healthy cucumber juice and detox:

  1. Cut 1 apple and 1 medium cucumber into pieces. remove apple seeds
  2. Then place in a blender and add 3 mint leaves
  3. Beat everything for 2 minutes until the ingredients are well mixed
  4. Finally, drink ice cream and don’t add sugar or sweetener.

You can strain if you prefer, but this will cause the juice to lose its fiber. Also, apple peel contains substances that can make the throat itch in some people. So, peel off the apple if you are one of those people.

It is also worth mentioning that you do not need to add water to this juice. The cucumber itself will release a lot of liquid during preparation in a blender. Add water only if you feel the juice has become too thick. In these cases, always prefer filtered and chilled water.

How to include cucumbers in the diet?

Cucumber is a very healthy and versatile food. You can eat it raw, in salads or even plain as a fit snack . Furthermore, it is a possible ingredient for many types of juices, creams, soups and even spreads.

For those people who are not used to eating this vegetable, the best way is to start with cucumber juice. You can add cucumber slices to fruit juices, for example. That way you will start to get the benefits of this vegetable.

Over time, the taste and the body will start to get used to the flavor and properties of cucumber. That’s where you should try to start bringing it into your diet in other ways.

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