Cereza Starblush

The  Starblush cherry is a variety obtained by the Summerland Research Station, located in Canada.

His study number is 17 73 CS .

The registration application was approved in 2016 under the name SPC 207 . Patent rights are valid until the year 2046.

Curiosities: The commercial name of this variety of cherry ” Starblush ” is the result of the union of the English words Star and Blush , which translated into Spanish mean something like a flushed star .

Being a recently introduced cherry variety, it has not yet been possible to study in detail its behavior in Spain. Viveros Ebro and Viveros Mariano Soria have the multiplication permits for this variety in Spain.

Characteristics of the Starblush cherry variety

Flowering : The Starblush cherry variety is a self-fertile variety . It has alleles S3 and S4 ‘. It is a late flowering variety (second week of April).

Maturation : Starblush, matures 19 days after Burlat . Therefore, it is a medium ripening cherry variety . Ripening on a similar date to Rainier , 2-3 days before Garrafal Napoleón .

Productivity : Starblush cherry  has good-very good productivity . On the other hand, it is considered a very early cherry variety .

Vigor and bearing of the tree : Starblush has a high vigor . With a semi-upright bearing .

Morphological characteristics of the Starblush Cherry

Size : Starblush cherries can reach a thick-very thick size at maturity . With important calibers of 30 mm .

Form : cherry variety  Starblush has  heart – shaped . Commercially attractive appearance.

Skin color : Starblush, harvested when the cherry is red on cream . The European market has a preference for dark red cherry varieties, however, in China these bicolor cherries are highly appreciated. Its most common use is usually the food industry .

Pulp color : the pulp of the Starblush cherry is  creamy white .

Flavor : the Starblush variety has a good flavor . 14/16 ° Brix.

Firmness : Starblush has good firmness . It manages to stay firm and looking good after 14 days in a cold room (3-6 ºC).

Resistance to cracking : The Starblush variety has good resistance to cracking.

Cracked area .

Peduncle length .

It does not release the peduncle.

Positive aspects : early, productive, large size, good resistance to cracking, appreciated by the industry.

Negative aspects : Low demand for consumer sales in Spain and other European countries. Like other new varieties of cherry . At present the information on its cultivation in Spain is practically non-existent.


The usual characteristics of any variety of cherry, can undergo important changes related to the place and form of cultivation. Type of soil, date of collection , rootstock , treatments, climate, altitude, tree load, pruning carried out, fertilizers, viruses, fungi, bacteria or other pathologies, planting framework, etc.

It is essential to study the existing cherry varieties and their behavior in our growing area. Seeking the advice of farmers, engineers, technicians and professionals in the sector, is essential to make a successful one. cherry plantation .

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