Nut butter for your brain power

Nut butter is an excellent source of copper, magnesium and omega 3. Besides being a healthy butter, it is delicious.

Nut butter, a healthy recipe

This preparation is super simple to do , it is really easy. All the ingredients are natural and, in addition, without sugar. Also low in calories, gluten free and totally vegan.

You don’t need to add sugars, unhealthy oils, or trans fats to a butter. When buying this type of butter processed by the food industry, in most cases, we consume unhealthy ingredients.

Comparison with other processed butters

We have analyzed several brands that market this type of preparation. As a result, we have found that whether walnuts, almonds, peanuts, marcona almonds, and Brazil nuts can add unhealthy ingredients.

The most recommended thing is that if we have the time and possibility, we make them ourselves with quality ingredients. The walnut is a food that we must always have in our kitchen.

Nuts are very healthy foods, but we have to know how to consume them and especially which ones are the most recommended. In this type of recipes, it is essential to know what foods make it up, since not all the ingredients are beneficial for our health.

In this case, nuts such as walnuts and extra virgin olive oil make an ideal combination with many very beneficial nutrients.

Walnuts benefits

Walnuts are nuts that are especially recommended for strengthening brain power. Furthermore , it has proven useful to prevent certain diseases food. Beyond its health benefits, the walnut has a very rich flavor.

We recommend buying quality walnuts, as it is the main ingredient. On many occasions we can find that they are too expensive. Therefore, try to find an offer or the best price.

Sometimes buying cracked or crumbled walnuts is cheaper. In this way, they will be cheaper and to crush them in this type of recipes, it is not necessary to buy them whole.

On the other hand, buying a ready-made nut cream is much more expensive than buying the ingredients separately. Cheaper and healthier, it is ideal.

As with this nut butter, we can do with other preparations such as chocolate cream, among others.

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When to have nut butter?

These types of recipes are ideal to accompany with bread for your breakfast or snack. In a few minutes you have made a cream with a highly recommended food to include in our daily diet, the walnut.

In addition, it is an ideal preparation to use in cake recipes or other types of sweet recipes.

Nut Butter Recipe Prep Tip

Before starting, we have to have the previously peeled walnuts. It is important that, if we peel them, we remove the thin skin that surrounds them. In the article on the benefits of walnuts , we explain how to do it.

Salted nut butter

Nut butter is an excellent source of copper, magnesium and omega 3. Besides being a healthy butter, it is delicious.

 Recipe type Afternoon snack
 Recipe type Mediterranean
 Main fruit Walnut
 Preparation time 10 minutos
 Total time 10 minutos
 For how many people? 4 personas


  • cups walnuts
  • pizca the will
  • tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

Recipe preparation

  1. Once we have the peeled walnuts, we put them in the glass of a blender. Then we grind them until it looks like flour.

  2. We continue grinding between 5 and 10 minutes until the texture is a soft and buttery dough.

  3. Then we add the salt and the extra virgin olive oil. And we grind for a few more seconds until everything is well mixed.

Recipe Notes

If we want to give it a sweet touch, we can add a little honey and cinnamon . I like a lot.


Using seeds or nuts in our recipes is more than recommended. In most cases they are foods with nutritional properties that are very beneficial for our health. They cannot be missing in our kitchen.

In the case of the walnut, we must pay special attention, since it is the dried fruit that gives us the most benefits. I hope you enjoy this nut butter recipe.

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