Apps that help you lose weight

We have proposed to lose weight and for this the plan has two essential components: a low-calorie but balanced diet and physical exercise, but to these two pillars we can add an extra help and we have opted for an application that serves as an extra help for the plan be really successful.

If you have also considered losing weight today from we bring you a series of apps that help you lose weight . There are different alternatives, from applications that help you count calories to those that are perfect for planning meals or those that provide advice as if you were a personal nutritionist.

Just as fitness apps are of great help when it comes to physical activity, apps that help you lose weight are a useful tool with innovative ideas that make it easier to carry out a successful weight loss plan.

So, if you have already decided on the diet that you can follow, opt for one of these apps that help you lose weight by making your weight loss plan easier.

Apps that help you lose weight

There are applications that help you lose weight and take care of your diet for both smartphones and tablets. Here we share some of the most popular that you can download today:

Noom Coach

This application is like having a personal nutritionist as it focuses especially on changing habits and also on short and long-term goals in the weight loss plan.

It is based on a reward system and helps you stay motivated until you finish your weight loss plan. It also offers practical nutrition tips by sorting foods into color categories that make weekly menu design easier.


With Yazio it is not only possible to control the calories you consume daily but also to know the appropriate ratio between proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

It has a very extensive food database that allows you to build all the diet menus to lose weight and is also customizable. It connects with other smartphone devices and allows you to see progress daily and have a parameter between calorie consumption and expenditure, being available for iOS and Android and best of all, it is free.

Weight Watchers

This application was created for those who follow the Points Diet. Based on betting on a healthy diet plus frequent physical exercise, Weight Watchers lets you know how many daily points you can use depending on your physical characteristics and the amount of kilos you want to lose.

You can calculate the number of points that each food has and subtract each figure from the daily count, write down the points you earn by practicing physical activity and comment on the progress of other users.


Available for iOS and Android with this application you can keep a record of what you eat and how much you take care of yourself when it comes to your health. It is one of the app that helps you lose weight more complete with a very extensive database of meals and foods and it is also free.


This app to help you lose weight allows you to choose the diet that best suits your needs. It is a personalized system that also helps you change the way you design a weight loss plan.

In addition, it allows you to keep a diary with the goals you are achieving, see statistics and you even have access to a chat for any doubts you may have while following the diet to lose weight. It is available for iOS and Android and on its website you can check the different plans and prices.

Diet Point

With one hundred and fifty different diet plans to lose weight, with this application you can calculate how much weight you should lose according to your basal metabolism.

It is available for iOS and Android and is free.


Diet and exercise in the same application, Lifesum is a permanent advisor that helps you keep track of what you eat but also the exercises you practice daily.

It is a perfect application if you want to lose weight but also control and change your eating habits. Daily you can record the exercises you do but also choose the physical activity and the duration of the training. It’s free and available for iOS and Android.


If you want to lose weight but do not want to follow a strict diet, this application is ideal because it is based on a personalized food re-education that takes into account age, sex, height, weight, level of physical activity and other data about your health in general.

It will help you control what you eat and especially control the amount of carbohydrates you consume. It’s free and available for iOS and Android.

As you can see, there are many apps that help you lose weight and also give you the necessary motivation to move forward with your goals. So, start your diet today to lose weight, do not get carried away by laziness, give hard to physical exercise, the results will surprise you.

Ellie Lauderdale

My name is Ellie Lauderdale, MD and I am USA based professional Nutritionist .

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and board certified specialist in sports dietetics who is trained in integrative medicine. I have worked with hundreds of clients, from those suffering with chronic disease to professional and olympian athletes. My goal is to help optimize you from the inside so that you can feel, perform, and look your best on the outside.

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