Activated carbon: what is the tablet and powder for

Activated carbon what is the tablet and powder for
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The activated carbon is a natural product derived from burning certain types of wood, such as cork. It is prepared exclusively for medicinal purposes, being crushed into a very fine powder.

This type of charcoal is indicated to clean the body of toxic substances. Its use is even a form of treatment for cases of poisoning and drug overdose. ( 1 ) The product can be found in pharmacies quite easily in powder or tablet versions.

But it’s not just that, the material can also be used in facial masks to clean the skin , whiten teeth and make hair more shiny and all in a natural way and without contraindications.

Sound unreal? Well know that all these benefits have been confirmed science and to explain them, we invited the naturopath specialist in herbal medicine, Danilo Ramon. Check out!

After all, what is activated carbon for?

Detoxify the body

“Coal is the most powerful natural absorbent known. Its porosity captures and fixes substances that are in the air, water, food, our body and skin”, explained the specialist in herbal medicine, and added, “the product is known as ‘ detox ‘ because it manages to cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals ”.

Also according to Ramon, activated charcoal is capable of absorbing very effectively: chemical medicines, food additives and chemical fertilizers, such as pesticides. “In addition, it can absorb some types of bacteria and viruses, toxins and venoms from snakes, spiders and insects,” he added.

Lowering and controlling cholesterol

Another use for activated charcoal pointed out the specialist is in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia, which is when cholesterol levels in the blood are far above what is indicated as normal.

“ Cholesterol is not ‘bad’, but its imbalance is. Charcoal absorbs impurities in the blood , helping to control the levels of this type of fat”, he emphasized.

Adequate consumption of the material reduces not only cholesterol, but also triglycerides, and thus contributes to reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular problems . ( 2 )

remove the yellowness from the teeth

“The secret of charcoal is that it has infrared rays and negative ions, which are highly beneficial to our body,” explained the naturopath. These two components are responsible for removing that unsightly yellowing that stays on the teeth, since it sucks up small materials that stick to the teeth, bringing the natural color.

It mainly absorbs pigments derived from beverages and foods , thus promoting progressive whitening without side effects such as sensitivity. ( 3 )

clean the skin

The ability to absorb toxins also has benefits for external use. Masks or compresses made with activated charcoal detoxify the skin, helping to remove cosmetics and pollution, in addition to controlling excessive oiliness .

Control oiliness and make hair shinier

Those who suffer from oily or chemically overloaded hair will also find results in the use of charcoal. That’s because the powder can be mixed with shampoo to make a deep clean of the scalp .

“It absorbs toxins from chemical products”, attested the professional. These substances accumulate on the skin and favor the increase in oiliness and delay the natural growth of the hair.

Thus, using charcoal leaves the hair cleaner and better prepared to receive other treatments, increases shine, as it removes what was obstructing the cuticles, and also stimulates growth and prevents falling.

How to use and what quantity is indicated

Activated charcoal can be used in homemade facial masks or mixed with hair cleaning products. The most common form of use, however, is taking the tablets or powder dissolved in water.

“In adults, their internal consumption varies according to the problem. E m children the average is 30 g per day , “says Danilo. However, the use of charcoal must always be done under specialized medical advice.

Are there contraindications to the use of activated charcoal?

“Coal has no side effects because it is a product in perfect harmony with nature,” said the expert. However, it is important to take some precautions when using the material for therapeutic purposes.

“absorbing toxins from medications, charcoal can invalidate the effects of medications that the person is already using”, warns the professional. Furthermore, the use of charcoal is contraindicated in cases of poisoning a corrosive product, as it can worsen the condition.

Other than that, the use of charcoal has no contraindications, but “it is good to avoid taking it with meals so as not to absorb vitamins and trace elements (microminerals)”, concludes the naturopath.

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