Thedietmd is a website developed and launched in 2011 with the aim of bringing quality content to those seeking a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Our team is made up of professional communicators committed to bringing reliable, clear and scientifically based information to everyone who accesses our pages.

We are a Honcode certified blog .

Recognized relevance

In 2018, we were awarded in the third edition of the Digital Influencers Award , as one of the pages in the health category that has the most relevance and importance for United states Internet users seeking knowledge about natural life and well-being.

We won through the technical vote, which had the participation of communication professionals from all over United states.

Our team

Here are the people who participate in the creation of our page, content and strategies.

Some of these are employees of the Haiina Network (the Thediet MD management company), others are outsourced professionals or collaborating partners.